Different Ways to Make More Money

Kevin Gardner

Sometimes we need some extra money. We may want to make a large purchase and we do not want to take the money out of savings. There are things that we can do to make this extra money.

A part-time job is a perfect way to make extra money. Among the top part-time jobs are truck driving. Earning your commercial driver's license is easy to do and there are a lot of companies who need part-time drivers. You can even work for yourself.

There are qualifications that you must meet before you can apply to the truck driving school. You should have your high school diploma or a general education diploma. Some community colleges offer commercial truck driving classes. The classes can last up to six months. You should also be in good health. If your vision is not perfect, then you need to have glasses. You should also have good hearing. They may require you to take a physical before being allowed to enter class.

There are local classes you can take on how to become a truck driver. The great thing about becoming a truck driver is it does not take long nor does it cost a lot. The first thing that you have to do is get your Commercial Learner’s Permit. It works just like the learner’s permit you had before you got your regular driver's license. It allows you to drive a semi-truck with another person who has their commercial driver’s license.

You can then enroll in a truck driving school. The school will give you hands on learning. The school gives you the hands-on training that you need. You will also learn more about commercial driving laws and safety.

When looking for a truck driving school you should take the following into consideration:

  1. Class hours

  2. Curriculum

  3. Experience of trainers

  4. Training hours

  5. Class size

  6. How to be admitted to class

  7. The procedure for being admitted

  8. Extended learning for doubles and triples

  9. Cost

The school you choose will influence not only your career but the knowledge that you learn and your skill set. So, you should be careful when choosing the truck driving school. Be sure to do your research.

You will go through training and once completed you will take the test required for earning your commercial driver's license. The schools will have the same general classes since these are set by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. You can choose which one of the three classes you wish to drive with. The classes are A, B, and C.

Class A drivers can drive a truck that weighs over twenty-six thousand pounds and can pull over ten thousand pounds. Class B drivers can drive trucks weighing over twenty-six thousand pounds and haul less than ten thousand pounds. Class C drivers can drive any vehicle that is not included in class A or B. They can drive a vehicle that carries sixteen passengers or more. This class can also carry hazardous waste.

No matter which class you want to drive for you have to pass three skills tests. These are:

  1. Vehicle inspection

  2. Basic controls

  3. Road test

Once you have earned your commercial driver's license you can choose a company for which to work. You will need to get some experience behind you before you can receive the best benefit package the company has to offer. The more experience the better choices you have for whom you can drive for.

The various jobs available for commercial drivers include:

  1. School bus drivers

  2. Coast to coast

  3. Dump trucks

You will find a job that you will enjoy and from which you can have a great income.