Different and Unique Ways to Lose Weight


The obesity rates in the United State continue to climb as Americans seek to use gluttony as the source of their variety in life rather than sex. The fatter that Americans become, the less sexy they become. This creates a progressive spiral that leaves them endlessly stuck in this abusive affair with food. The normalization of overeating in America creates a pattern of pleasure associated with overeating from a young age in many homes. The fast food that is so abundant and cheaply available becomes as addictive as cocaine in triggering cravings for salt, fat, and high calories. The incentive is high to normalize overeating because restaurants are expected to give you a good value for your money and want to charge as much as possible while they have you there.

Thankfully, there are some methods that can be used to think outside of the box and limit our overeating habits. There are some other methods of losing weight that have little to do with the amount of food and more to do with the type of foods that we eat. And finally, the most important methods for losing weight have little to do with food and have more to do with your fitness. Let's look in greater detail at some of these different and unique ways of losing weight below.

1: Cook Your Own Meals and Freeze Them

Investing in a large bulk food freezer to store fully prepared elements of meals that take a long time to prepare is a smart move. If you love anything from chicken cacciatore to mashed potatoes, it can take a long time to prepare all the ingredients. And who has the time when you are busy with school, work, or parental obligations? The benefit of setting aside any free time to mass produce some instant-ready freezer meals is the best move you can make. Instead of ordering pizza, feeding your kids unpopular TV dinners, or rushing out to a fast food restaurant, you can quickly prepare a full healthy meal in a half hour or less.

2: Avoid Dietary, Fast, and Processed Foods

While this goes hand in hand with preparing your own meals in advance, you should wholly avoid processed foods. Not only are they overpriced, but they are also loaded with preservatives, excess sodium, and other artificial ingredients that make you feel run down and sick. While it may be common sense to avoid fast foods that are deep fried in vegetable oil, many people think that eating dietary processed foods is good for them. These diet foods often contain artificial sweeteners that trigger an insulin response in your body even when there is no glucose to absorb. Diet foods may, in this sense, contribute to weight gain and diabetes.

3: Solve Your Water Retention Problems

Another source of excess weight comes from excess water retention. Most people don't know how to lose water weight and will exercise till they are blue in the face without being about to get rid of a stubborn gut or bloated look. Taking all-natural diuretics which flush the excess sodium and toxins out of your body is a popular method that will not risk major side-effects or sickness. Dandelion leaf supplements can be taken in moderation to alleviate water retention problems and help you look firmer and lean.

4: Take Vitamin B-12 Daily

The reality is that our metabolism should be able to convert anything that we eat into pure energy that is easily burned up each day. Scientific studies suggest that we simply are not able to absorb Vitamin B-12 from the few natural foods that contain them: meat, eggs, dairy. Because Vitamin B-12 is so important for mental wellness, thyroid function, and energy, it is important that we take supplements for this essential nutrient. It is good to know that Vitamin B-12 it is a water-soluble and non-toxic substance that we can take in massive doses without any harm to our bodies.