Design Your Dream Backyard With These 7 Tips


Do you dream of having an ideal outdoor area that allows you to comfortably enjoy spending time in nature? Planning to transform your backyard can be both challenging and exciting. Every great backyard design starts with a plan, and the following seven tips will help guide you as you create your dream backyard.

1. Develop an ideal layout

How will your backyard primarily be used? Will it be a quiet retreat for relaxation, an outdoor party space for family and friends or a play area for kids? Consider the various uses for the space when you are deciding on a layout for your backyard. If the space will have multiple purposes, think about separating your backyard into zones. For example, dedicate room for an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, water feature or play area. Physically mark the individual areas in your yard so that you can visualize how the spaces will work together. It’s helpful to have this visual as you begin to fine-tune your overall design.

2. Plant climate-appropriate flowers, shrubs and trees

Climate-smart gardening should factor into the design of your dream backyard. Trees and shrubs not only remove carbon dioxide from the air, they also provide shade from the summer sun, protection from the winter wind. Trees and shrubs can also give your backyard some much-needed privacy. Be mindful of water efficiency when choosing flowers for your yard. It is recommended to choose flowers that require little water in order to survive in your area.

3. Install outdoor lighting

Appropriate lighting can really set the mood of indoor and outdoor spaces alike. Proper lighting can accentuate outdoor décor, especially water features. In addition, lighting can provide safety for walkways, patios, pool decks and outdoor kitchen areas. If you’re planning to install an outdoor kitchen, consider adding lighting under countertops to add a unique touch to the space.

4. Build an outdoor kitchen

A well-equipped outdoor kitchen can be the pinnacle of outdoor entertaining luxury. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard design plan can considerably extend your living and entertaining space. Take into account your home’s exterior when planning your outdoor kitchen and choose colors and textures that complement your home. Plan your outdoor kitchen layout according to the appliances you will need, including built-in refrigerators, grills and smokers. Consider adding a pergola over your outdoor kitchen to improve usability by adding shade and shelter.

5. Install outdoor covering

Pergolas and gazebos offer a comfortable escape from the elements. In warm climates, outdoor coverings can provide an escape from the hot sun. Add an overhead fan or misting system to give yourself some relief from the head. In cooler climates, heat lamps or a fire pit can offer warmth. Adding curtains or filling spaces with foliage can provide a gazebo or pergola with privacy and can create an intimate space for you to enjoy.

6. Create an entertainment space

If you want to maximize fun in your backyard, consider adding elements of entertainment. In addition to outdoor games, hammocks, swings and playgrounds, think about installing an outdoor TV. In order to protect your TV from the elements, make sure to install your TV in a protective cabinet. Adding a TV to your outdoor space makes several outdoor entertainment ideas possible. From outdoor game days to kids’ movie nights and campouts, the possibilities are fun and exciting.

7. Install a pool

A water feature, such as an inground pool, can become a beautiful focal point for your backyard. Inground pools are highly customizable, and the options are seemingly endless. Consider installing custom lighting, a tanning shelf or a pool grotto to make it your own. If you have any concerns regarding the cost to install your dream pool, consider swimming pool financing options. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can enjoy your own slice of paradise.

With proper planning and execution, designing your dream backyard can be a fun and rewarding experience. With so many options for customization, the only true limit is your own imagination!