Choosing the Perfect Gift for Your Wife

Loretta Jane

Buying gifts for your significant other can sometimes be a difficult task. If you need to buy a gift for your wife and are on a time crunch, you may be stressed and worried about finding that perfect gift. If so, take a deep breath and try to relax. Finding something to show your wife how much you love her is not as difficult as it may seem. This article will help you narrow down your options and find a great luxury gift for your wife.

Scent Based

Many women love scent based gifts. These include flowers, perfumes, and lotions, among many other things. However, you must know what scents your wife likes before you buy anything. If you can, note her most used perfumes or lotions and narrow it down to a scent category, such as fruity, woodsy, or floral. Something else to consider is buying an uncommon scent based gift. For example, instead of gifting perfume, you could opt to buy her an expensive bubble bath or bath soak instead. Flowers are also a common gift and, if done well, can radiate luxury. However, scent can be a very personal thing and allergies or scent sensitivities are common, so caution should be taken when buying a scent based gift.


Another gift option is jewelry. This is something that can be easily picked out and still be extravagant. Whether you buy her a diamond watch or gold earrings, most women love to wear something that is valuable as well as beautiful. Something you should consider when buying jewelry as a gift is whether or not your spouse has anything to wear with the gifted jewelry. This is the most common reason women may not wear jewelry, but is easily remedied.


If you are not sure if your wife has anything to wear with the jewelry you picked out, an easy way to remedy that is by buying her an outfit. This works particularly well if you know your wife's style and size. However, if you are newly married or not sure what, exactly, your wife might really like, you can do one of the following things. One option you have is buying an outfit for her that you think she would love and include a gift receipt. That way, if it does not fit or if it is not your wife's style, she can return it. Another option is to buy her a gift card to a high end clothing store. In this way, she can buy exactly what she wants and, if you are getting her jewelry as well, she can ensure the outfit and jewelry match.


If your wife is more artsy and enjoys paintings or sculptures you may consider buying art from her favorite artists. Art can be a very personal thing and therefore difficult to buy for. However, it is also easy to tell what your spouse enjoys by bringing her to an art gallery for a date night. At the art gallery, you can both discuss what you like about certain pieces and why. Then, you can use that knowledge to find a piece that fits your wife's taste. Art galleries often sell their artwork too, so if there is something your wife really loves, you may be able to purchase it right there.

Grand Gestures

If your wife is not big on objects or material things, doing a grand gesture might be the best option. These include things like a surprise trip or cruise or renting out an entire movie theater just for the two of you. A grand gesture should be something that you know she likes, but extended to an indulgent scale. As long as you do it with class and care, your wife is sure to love any grand gesture you choose.

Although buying something for your wife can sometimes be challenging, it does not have to be. As long as you know her likes and dislikes, she will always enjoy whatever you get her.