Benefits OF Building A Stepmoms Support Group


Benefits OF Building A Stepmoms Support Group

One of the things that I realized when I moved in with my partner and we became this big blended family is that looking after stepchildren can be tough. There are support groups for pretty much everything these days, even parenting ones. But try finding one that is dedicated to step parents and you will see how difficult it is. Today I want to share with you my thoughts on why it can be so helpful and beneficial for you to have someone to talk to who gets what you are dealing with, rather than just trying to understand.

Talking To Someone Can Be Very Therapeutic

I am one of the lucky step parents in that my step kids have for the most part been great, but there are those moments when I am reminded that I am a step parent and it can be tough. Talking to my other half about it does not always do anything, but having another stepmom to talk to about these kind of issues, even if it is just to vent for 20 minutes always makes me feel a lot better.

You Can Get Some Great Ideas

I have a very small network of 4 other stepmoms that I talk to regularly. I have gotten some great ideas from them from how to deal with the dreaded “you are not my real mom” to just fun bonding activities that I can do with the kids so we all get to know each other better. These are ideas that I would never have gotten had I not made friends with other step parents.

It Makes You Realize You Are Not Alone

Like I said, there is very little support out there for being a step parent. It can make you feel like it is not a big deal and you should be just sucking it up or being able to be a natural at it after 2 minutes! This, of course, is not the case and just knowing other people personally that are going through the same things you are going through or who have been through them can really take a huge weight off your mind.

You Can Help Others!

While using a support group to vent, get ideas and help yourself is good. You can also use this opportunity as a way to share your own experiences of being a step parent and offer your own advice on what worked for you and what did not work for you. Remember there is always going to be new stepmoms and dads that are looking for help and advice and at some point, you are going to be the one who is able to offer this help and advice and that is a very rewarding experience. As long as we all help each other, we really do have the best chance at becoming the best step parent we possibly can!

Use The Internet If You Are Shy Or Do Not Know Any Other Step parents

I will be honest and tell you that it took me two years to really open up to another step parent about the trials and struggles of being a step parent. But she let me know that she had been getting support for a while online which is something I wish I had thought of doing. There are actually many different sites out there dedicated to being a step parent. Here you can talk to people anonymously which if you are shy is ideal, this way you can share your story with people, get advice and keep your identity a secret. In time when you are ready you can open up more to people and this will hopefully lead to you making friends and even wanting to go out and talk to stepmoms and stepdads in your local community.

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I agree. I need someone to talk to sometimes.