Beauty Products Need Protection Too


It is always an utter joy when our children are around us...after all, it's all about them! However, we need time to enjoy certain things--girly things! In fact for some, quality alone time and doing those little things like buying a new lipstick, or a great new bold color of nail polish can be all we need to cater to the 'me time' mothers require. Some may prefer this route of natural beauty products made from things in their cupboards,some prefer an organic line of makeup or hair care products from a major department store-it varies. Let's face it though, kids like to have what Mom has, they love getting into that pricey-fancy lotions that we splurged on-- of course over indulging, and making a mess to boot! However there is a way to have that frilly,fruity, selfish splurge without having them strewn on the bathroom counter for the little ones to dig into! One owes it to themselves to protect their investment, especially when high end brands that cost a pretty penny come into play.What does a Mommy-girl do?

Here are some things to consider after a gift of love to oneself that should be hard and fast rule to adhere to: refrigerate your beauty products! That is plain and simple advice that will prolong the shelf life of your product, as well as help to prevent possible contamination to boot, and they are kept safe via out of the immediate reach of clumsy, eager,little fingers!

Let There Be Minimal Light

Direct sun, UV rays, oxygen,heat,and moisture all wreak havoc on your beauty products. Yet another thing to consider, bacteria that is hanging around human fingertips hold bacteria that can further cause detriment to your beauty products. Kids are amazing and we love them, but they still have 'things' under their fingernails, on and around their nose and mouth that help taint beauty products.

Food Derived Stuff

If any product has food in it, it needs to be in the refrigerator. Even with natural preservatives which will help to prolong the shelf life, it is still necessary for maintaining a safe and formidable product for one's use. Additionally, moisture is also the enemy of these products; therefore refrigeration should be done promptly before use and after each use as well.If this practice isn't adhered to,the risk of bacteria lurking grows, and this is not what anyone wants for their skin or whatever the product is being used for.

Dispense and Store Properly

Additional to proper and prompt refrigeration, makeup, nail polish, lotions all should be stored properly. What is meant by this is a dry cool place to combat the issues with bacteria and drying out, and a safe place for our eye shadow cakes apart where children reach,and play--where they can not readily reach for mommies lipstick and go to lipstick town! This will help to further reduce contaminants that could otherwise be put there by those happy little.loving human hands,or bigger ones for that matter. Also to contemplate...when that initial investment is protected by putting it on a shelf where it can be reached by those lovable little munchkins--the investment lasts longer--it's that simple.One would be surprised at how infrequently this practice is done. People are creatures of habit...and busy Mom's are probably especially prone to this; a gentle reminder hurts nobody.

Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else

To help fight bacteria growth on the skin, a.k.a. acne--honey is an antimicrobial that helps to combat more growth that might be otherwise; with this being stated, when a jar of honey is purchased to use as part of a skin care regime, just like everything else, it has to be protected from the bacterial wrath of the little one's hands, and anything they have been exposed to. So no double dipping--mom's clean hands while washing her face with the honey, and the child's not so clean fingertips digging into the honey pot.

Something that is so simplistic can prolong the life of your beauty products:wash your hands, and use something to apply whatever product it is that you are using.Cotton swabs, cloths, clean makeup sponges used for application are all good choices. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance for preservation and safety as well.