Beauty Products Must Haves

Beauty products for moms on the run

Although we are a parenting/blended family site, we like to talk about all kinds of things that are part of our daily lives. Travel, food, family friendly restaurants and also Beauty. Just because we may be older, are super busy with our families and shuttling kids from one game to another, one camp to another, one family to another does not mean we don't want to look great why we do it!. That's why we lean on other blogs to give us tips and ideas on how to look our best. I came across this article on www.beautydime.com about the beauty products every woman must have and I had to share!. Who knew that Setting Spray was a beauty "must have"?

exactly what we were trying to convey. it is all about time management

I love all the products mentioned. CC cream has been my best friend for over 3 years since I discovered it! It is such a quick and simple product that helps morning make-up routine much faster.

Great post.Being a mom doesn't mean you don't have time to be beautiful as well. These time-saving tips will help you make the most of yourself, however busy you may be.

This is very nice article.Parental alienation is hard to understand... It seems unconscionable that someone would position your own flesh and blood to perceive you as his or her enemy.

A single trip to the make up store can easily set you back hundreds of dollars. If you invest on good products that will truly make a positive difference in your look, then consider the money well spent.