Balancing Office Time With Family Time

Emily Burton

A number of people that work late will find themselves fighting to find a balance between work time and office time. It can be a big journey to transition from a workaholic to a family man or woman. Some people avoid commitment because they know that they have too much to do at their job. There are others that will delay the thought of marriage and family life because they are overwhelmed by work at the office.

Work Space Close To Home

One of the hardest things to

establish is a shorter commute time. A lot of people do not think about it initially, but taking long commutes is what tends to really minimize the amount of time that people may have for the families.

It is a good idea to consider San Francisco Office Space that will help you get closer to where you live. If there is any type of office space that can shorten your commute it is in your best interest to take it. When you cut down your commute time you are going to get home earlier for dinner. You're going to have time to spend with your spouse and your children before they have wondered into their various rooms to do their own things for the evening.

Work From Home

If there is a possibility of any type of telecommuting job it should be something that you pay attention to. This will totally change how you get work done and balance time for your family. People that are working from home will notice that there are more

opportunities to engage in family time without being totally consumed by work.

Cut Down Hours

Another thing that may be possible is cutting down the amount of hours that are spent at the job. This can be done in a number of ways. Some people may scale their hours back specifically so that they can be available for their family. Some workers have so much time built up for vacation that they are not taken. It may be easier to build up hours and take the afternoon off on Fridays. Sometimes it may work better to take half days in the morning. There's no point in building a ton of vacation time that you are not going to take. There has to be a balance between work life and family life in order for employees to maintain the same level of productivity over time.

Flex Time

Another thing that can create a better balance at work and home is to look into jobs that have flex time. This may allow a person to come in later if they have to take their children to school so that they can work later in the evening. Sometimes the flex time may work around a schedule where a person spends half the day working at the office with the other half of the day being spent working at home. This is a great solution for those parents that do not have anyone in place to pick children up from school at the end of the day.


A large majority of workers do not think about it, but disciplining yourself to actually do the work that needs to be done is a much better concept for people that are struggling with

balancing work life and home life. There are employees that are clearly deceiving themselves about their work day. They may chit chat with other workers and find all types of distractions on the internet. It can be easy to get sucked into a social media rabbit hole as well. It is better to discipline yourself to work why you are at the job. Your productivity also appears to make the time at work more meaningful.

Balancing family time with work-life is a conscious effort. It is not going to happen by osmosis. People that want to find this balance must make it a priority.