A Parent's Guide to a Safer Home for the Entire Family

Loretta Jane

Admit it, the concept of over-protection flew out the window when you became a parent. There isn't much you wouldn't do to make sure you and your family are as safe as can be. The following guide is meant to help you feel even safer by making a few changes to your home.

Home Security

The first change you could make is installing a home security system complete with home security cameras so that you can keep tabs on your home a little better. These systems are smarter now and can be connected to your smart device and show you live footage. You can see if someone threatens your home at any time or if something dangerous is happening from your phone. You can also check on your kids, and make sure they are doing their homework or chores.

Swimming Pool Safety

You should consider making changes to your pool to keep your family a bit safer. There are a number of things you can do to make your pool safe, such as installing a fence around the pool and making sure you use a pool cover when the pool is not being used for some time. Of course, those who want to take things to the next level may want to consider purchasing a swimming pool alarm system. There are some smart options out there that can detect water movement and send an alarm directly to your phone.

Smoke Detection Alarms

It is important that you have your smoke detectors checked and updated. There are smarter smoke detectors that can make your home a little safer. These new detectors can send an alarm to your smartphone telling you something might be on fire. You can place a fire detector in every room so that your smartphone tells you exactly where the danger is occurring. Hopefully, your children never play with fire or start one, but having this system installed gives you peace of mind.

Add Window Sensors

Window sensors are not always part of a security system, so you should consider installing them, especially if you have older kids. Of course, it would be nice to say that children are always going to listen to you and won't ever do something they shouldn't, but kids don't always make the right decisions. Installing a window sensor that tells you if the window is opened could be a good way to keep your teen kids from trying to leave without your permission. Clearly, a system like this could also tell you if someone is attempting to break into your home.

Storing Away the Dangers

Okay, this might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many times parents forget to make sure all hazards are stored away in a safe place. All tools, chemicals, and fire hazards need to be stored up high so that children do not reach them, or they need to be placed in a cupboard that has a lock on it so that only you have access to them. These steps are especially important if you have younger children, but the truth is that even older kids shouldn't have access to these dangerous items because they are not always as careful as adults.

Sensor Lights About the House

You should also consider installing sensor lights around the house. These lights turn on the moment the system senses movement. This means your kids will always be able to see where they are going, even at night if they have to go to the restroom. This also means kids won't have trouble turning on lights on their own. Some kids tend to use stools or other household items, trying to turn on a light, and this could put some children in danger of slipping or falling.

These are some changes you can make to your home so that everyone is much safer, and you will feel less anxious. No one is saying these steps are going to erase all your worries; you are still a parent, but at least it will be decreased a bit.