A Daily Routine to Help Boost Metabolism as a Busy Parent


Your metabolism controls your energy levels and how your body converts food into energy. Taking steps to boost your metabolism will help you to feel energized, maintain a healthy weight, and reach your fitness goals. Here are some simple things that you can do in your daily routine to give your metabolism a healthy boost.

Get Up and Get Hydrated

Right when you wake up, your body is partially dehydrated just because you were asleep and not hydrating. Your body’s cells need to stay hydrated to work at their best. In addition, by replenishing your body with the vital hydration it needs, you’ll feel full and ready to start moving. Drinking ice water or very cold water will kick your body’s metabolism into gear by forcing your body to harness energy towards regulating its temperature.

Take a Superfood Supplement

A superfood powder can enhance your digestive system’s functionality while also supplying your body with the nutrients that it needs in an ideal form. In contrast to fat burning or energy boosting supplements that give you a quick and sometimes unhealthy jolt, a superfood supplement fuels your body with the vitamins and minerals to stay energized throughout the day.

Have Healthy Snacks During the Day

Skipping meals to lose weight can backfire on your metabolism. Going too long without food can send your body into starvation mode and slow your metabolism to a crawl. Instead of spreading out big meals, have a few small meals that aren’t spaced too far apart. Staying moderately full can deter you from overeating. Keeping your digestive system working continuously will keep your metabolism working at a healthy and steady rate.

Incorporate Fiber and Protein Into Your Diet

Fill your stomach with the foods that will make it feel satisfied. Lean protein such as that found in chicken or seafood isn’t difficult to digest, and it will give your muscles the protein that they need without unwelcome fatty content found in some proteins. Fiber aids regular digestion and helps you feel full without consuming an excessive number of calories.

Avoid Highly Processed Foods

Strains on your digestive system can cause it to slow down and prevent you from getting the good nutritional content in what you eat. If your diet has a lot of highly processed foods such as hydrogenated plant oils or refined sugars and carbohydrates, it could be interfering with your digestive function.

Get Up and Stretch

Staying seated for too long when you’re busy at work can drag down your energy levels. Give yourself a break and get up and stretch. You’ll keep your blood circulating and deliver oxygen and energy to your muscles and prevent your joints from getting sore.

Get Some Metabolism Boosting Minerals in Your Diet

Key minerals such as selenium will optimize your thyroid gland’s production of hormones that are necessary to regulate your metabolism to keep it functioning at a good rate. Many seafoods such as tuna and crab have high concentrations of selenium, so they’re an excellent protein choice for meals. For snacks, enjoy some sunflower seeds and brazil nuts, which will also give you protein that can make you feel full.

Drink Green Tea

Instead of super caffeinated coffee, drink some healthy green tea for a natural boost. This drink has antioxidants that can prime your metabolism to keep working and burning fat during your day. Instead of sweetening it with sugar, try a little bit of honey or stevia. A hint of lemon can add a refreshing quality to an iced green tea beverage.

Build Your Muscles

Developing muscle tone will help you raise your metabolism. When your body has muscle on it, it will work to feed the muscles with oxygen, energy, and muscle repairing proteins. Without base muscle mass, your body will be quicker to convert food energy into fat instead of lean energy. Working on building muscles enables you to harness energy positively and gives your body the foundation to keep doing it. Make it a point to lift weights several times a week but give yourself a couple days to repair the muscle if you’ve been doing very heavy lifting. If you don’t give yourself a chance to rest, your muscles will have a hard time repairing themselves and growing, and it could leave you more vulnerable to injury. However, moderate muscle activity every day will enable you to maintain your progress and keep your muscles active.

Walk Whenever You Can

Walking is an excellent way to work in some calorie burning and energy boosting metabolic activity into your metabolic routine. While walking doesn’t offer quite the same cardiovascular benefit as running, walking for an extended amount of time can offer a comparable calorie burning benefit. When you can, try to walk moderate distances instead of driving.

Don’t Eat Late in the Day

Waiting to eat until very late in the day will give your body fuel at a time when it doesn’t need it. When you’re asleep, your body won’t fully digest all of the food that you’ve recently eaten, and much of it will just sit in your stomach undigested. In addition, eating too late in the day can make it more difficult for you to get to sleep. While you might feel a little sluggish right after a big meal, it’s because your energy is going towards digestion. Once it starts breaking down the food, though, it can give you an infusion of energy that will signal to your body that it isn’t time to rest and possibly interfere with your sleep cycle.

Go to Bed In Time to Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Sleep is essential to enable every system in your body to work properly. Without enough sleep, you’ll feel drained of energy before the day is even half over. You won’t be able to properly regulate your energy levels or your metabolism. In addition, you may try to make up for your lack of energy with quick fix solutions that ultimately leave you feeling more drained such as sugary snacks or excessive volumes of caffeine. Turn in early enough every night so you’ll feel well-rested when you get up in the morning. Avoid caffeine late in the day because it may make falling asleep more difficult. Also, try to start limiting your screen time within a couple hours of getting ready to go to bed because it can throw your body’s circadian rhythm off track.

Some simple but effective changes to your daily routine can have a positive impact on your metabolic rate. When you give your metabolism a boost, it can help you feel and look your best.