8 Ways to Spice Up Your Extra Room With Your Kids


Do you have an extra room in your home? If so, lucky you! Here are eight ways to make the most of that precious space with your kids.

1. Create a Zen Sanctuary For Yoga & Meditation

Imagine this—the gentle sound of running water from a fountain, a lush green plant on the window sill, a few cozy cushions on the floor, and wall art that speaks to your soul. When a space is designed especially to facilitate yoga and meditation, it’s easier to set aside time in the day for these restorative, healing practices.

2. Welcome Company With a Cozy Guest Bedroom

Do you wish your family and friends would visit more? Make them feel like kings and queens when they come to stay by putting them up in a lovely guest bedroom and they’re sure to drop-by more frequently. Luxurious linens on the bed, towels in a basket, and toiletries on the dresser send the message that guests are not only welcome, they are wanted.

3. Make a Kids Game Room

There’s no way around it—kids love video games. Instead of fighting it, why not set aside space where they can go get their game on without you having to endure the sights and sounds of their favorite pastime. To make the most of the room, turn it into an incentive where kiddos can earn game room time by meeting certain criteria, like doing all of their chores or getting a good grade on an assignment.

4. Build Your Dream Closet

You may not feel like you have a lot in common with reality tv stars, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a closet like many of them do. Imagine built-in shelves and cubbies for folded clothes, spacious bar sections to organize hanging clothes by occasion and a full wall of racks for your beloved shoe collected. Picture yourself sitting at a backlit vanity, applying your makeup. You might start to feel like the star of your own reality.

5. Save Money With Your Own Home Theater

Movie tickets are expensive these days. Throw in the cost of dinner and a babysitter and you may have to withdraw money from your savings account just to finance one evening. If you love going to the movies, why not create your own home theater room? Comfy recliners, surround sound, popcorn and friends? Priceless.

6. Design the Perfect Hobby Space

Do you like to sew, assemble jigsaw puzzles, or practice Jiu Jitsu? Well then why not create a space you love for the hobby you love. Our hobbies are our passions. They are the thing we are willing to do without receiving a paycheck in exchange. That merits a space all its own for your favorite pastime. You could even create a backyard where you could buy solar panels and a pool for your guests.

7. Give Yourself an “Escape” Zone

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a busy house. An escape room creates the opportunity to step outside of the drama or commotion and into your own little sanctuary. Your escape room doesn’t even need a specific theme or purpose. It can just be yours. You can decorate it in your own style, without having to consider the input of others, as you often have to do in shared spaces. And, you can do anything you want in your own space—read, write, sprawl out on the floor, or take a long nap. There are no rules in your escape room.

8. Let the Testosterone Flow In a Man Cave

Men and women don’t always agree on acceptable decor—or decorum, for that matter. The man cave is much like an escape zone, but with a distinctly male flavor. You are encouraged to push the limits of masculinity in your man cave—with your decor, your entertainment, and your behavior. The man cave is a space that a man can go to cut loose so that he may return to the world better prepared to function in polite society.


Hopefully, these ideas have gotten the juices flowing and you’re already mentally planning what to do with your spare room. Many people would kill for a little extra space in the house, so don’t let yours go to waste. Step outside of the proverbial box and maximize that potential!