8 Great Outdoor Additions to Dress Up Your Yard


No matter how much you love lounging inside your home, there are times when you would rather be outside. Don't settle for an ordinary yard when there are so many wonderful possibilities to dress it up. Here are eight great outdoor additions that can help you enjoy your yard more.

1. Dream Up an Outdoor Media Room

Whether you go big and invest in an outdoor movie screen and projector or simply install a television in your covered patio, an outdoor entertaining area can really generate interest in spending time out of the house. Look at options like a propane space heater to extend your viewing season in cooler climates.

2. Build a Treehouse

Treehouses are a childhood staple that lets kids have uninterrupted time to play, dream, and plan. The best news is that treehouses aren't just for kids. Modern versions designed specifically for adults have everything you could want tucked nicely inside your own a private getaway. Make it a she shed, man cave, or anything in between - because it's your own personal space.

3. Dress Up a Pergola

A flower-covered pergola is like something out of a fairytale. The flowers covering it are optional of course, but they do add a nice touch. Find a structure that is big enough to accommodate seating or a dining table without feeling cramped. THis will help encourage you to use it instead of letting it languish in a corner.

4. Install an Inground Pool

If you enjoy spending time in the water, then an inground pool could be a great investment as well as a functional addition to your backyard. Pools aren't limited to rectangular shapes either. Look for flowing, free form designs, zero-entry pools, and even ones that mimic natural bodies of water. Filter options also have expanded, so you can ditch the chlorine and use salt water instead.

5. Design an Outdoor Kitchen

Maybe cooking is one of the ays you like to spend your spare time. If so, consider investing in an outdoor kitchen area to help with food prep. Gone are the days of a single burner grill. Instead, these outdoor kitchen areas can have everything from running water and functional sinks to range tops and refrigerators. An added bonus is that the heat generated by cooking will now be released outside instead of in your house.

6. Gather Around a Firepit

Whether you dream of an elaborate stone creation with integrated seating or simply like the idea of a ready-made campfire, a fire pit can be a great place for family and friends to gather. They help extend outdoor time into cooler weather by providing warmth and coziness, too. Not all great outdoor additions have to be major projects, either. A premade firepit can provide ambiance and works as well as the fanciest ones for aking S'Mores too.

7. Pour Over a Waterfall

Adding a water feature to your yard can be an excellent way to showcase the peacefulness of your yard. Make it a focal point so that the sounds and textures of nature become part of your entertaining and outdoor experiences. If you are up for a major project, consider adding a pond and waterfall feature to an underused area of your yard. Couple that with some comfortable seating and you may be surprised how popular the new spot will become. Smaller yards and budgets can realize the same effect by adding a fountain.

8. Update Your Furniture

Changing out your worn or dated furniture for newer, more comfortable pieces can be a quick fix to an underused outdoor space. Consider seating arrangements that encourage conversation, like sofas and armchairs. If your family enjoys games, look at adding an outdoor game table to the mix.

Remember, you want your outdoor additions to encourage the use of outdoor space. Make them user-friendly, and appeal to what your family and friends enjoy. You don't have to go overboard. Start with small changes that can help you make better use of what you already have, like adding a heater to your patio to encourage cool weather gathering.