6 Ways To Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat is an issue for anyone striving to get fit and lose weight. People train for years and still have no luck fighting the flab; however, belly fat is a far greater problem than mere aesthetics. It’s classified as visceral fat, meaning it collects around your organs and puts you in danger of heart disease. The main issue is that it’s not always visible, but the health risks are still there. You might look slim but still be abdominally obese if you carry excess amounts of fat around your stomach area. Don’t give up; here are six ways to shift belly fat for good.

Fat-Burning Supplement

Fat burners for men have become increasingly popular as fitness enthusiasts search for that final boost to get rid of their love handles. Used most effectively by those who already have an extensive workout program and eat well, fat-burners help you lose vital inches by increasing your metabolism, curbing your appetite, and raising your core body temperature.

Ditch the Sugar

Your body metabolizes finite amounts of glucose. When you eat more than you can burn, it converts the remainder into fat, which sits around your stomach and liver, causing metabolic issues and diabetes. The main culprit is sugary, high-calorie drinks as your brain doesn’t count the calories in the same way it does solid food. Cutting out refined sugars overall makes a significant difference, but you will need to read food labels – you’ll be surprised how many “healthy foods” contain them.

Strength Training

The more muscle you carry, the higher your resting metabolic rate (how many calories your body burns when you’re not doing anything at all). If you’re in a constant state of burning calories, your body will quickly rip through its glucose stores and get started on your fat stores faster. You don’t have to do exercises targeted to your mid-section. It’s more important you increase your overall muscle mass, so find something you enjoy doing and get pumping.

Eat More Protein

To lose weight, around 30% of your daily macronutrients should be protein (90-130 grams). Protein helps build muscle mass, fills you up faster, and reduces sugar cravings – all things that contribute to shifting belly fat. You get protein from white meat, fish, and egg whites, but if you’re struggling to consume the volume of protein you need while staying within your calorie goals, protein supplements such as shakes or bars are an excellent way to bump up your numbers. At the same time, you should reduce your carb intake as carbs convert to sugars; but, don’t cut back entirely, because you still need carbs for energy.

Cardio Workouts

Your body draws upon calories as its energy source when you do any cardio fitness, such as running or the elliptical trainer. Once you’ve burned more calories than you consume, you burn fat instead. Cardio helps you reach a calorie deficit, moving you to a fat-burning state faster, but cardio alone won’t be enough to burn body fat effectively. Combine it with strength training, a healthy diet, and a fat-burning supplement, and see how quickly the weight comes off.

Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep does more than eliminate eye bags and leave you feeling rested – it also keeps belly fat at bay. When you don’t get enough sleep, your ghrelin levels (the hormone that stimulates appetite) spike, and your leptin levels (the hormone that tells you you’re full) decrease, leading to you over-eating. If you can’t burn off the extra calories you consume, you’ll gain weight. What’s more, lack of sleep can also trigger a case of the late-night munchies, pushing you towards high-sugar foods such as cookies, cake and chips.

Losing stubborn belly fat for good is challenging but not impossible if you put your mind to it. Follow these top tips and work towards a lower body-fat percentage, a leaner physique, and a healthier lifestyle in no tim