5 Ways To Stay Motivated at Home and Work


Whether you are at work, are home all day or work from home all day, staying motivated can be a challenge. There are some things you just do not want to do, and the rewards associated with them are not appealing enough for motivation on their own. The solution is to build and rebuild your motivation throughout the day instead of for each task or expecting your morning coffee to keep up.

Set a Good Morning Routine

Getting up can be one of the most difficult parts of anyone’s day, but if you are working from home, it can be especially challenging. Setting a routine designed to get you focused and motivated from the start can be a big help. Wake up early and take the time to stretch and meditate before getting out of bed to keep your mood calm and focused instead of panicked and rushed. Take the time to make a healthy breakfast and read Vital Reds reviews and research other energy boosting additions to help keep you going throughout the day. Be sure to put on clothes that have you ready to work, even if you are not leaving the house, so you can get in the right mindset.

Do the Least Fun Thing First

There is always one thing on your to-do list that you would rather put off, but doing that thing first means that the rest of the day will be comparatively easy. That onerous task will not be looming over your day like a raincloud and will sit comfortably checked off instead. Designing your schedule and lists this way can make it tempting to overload your morning with the hard and drag you down before lunch, however, so be sure to plan breaks and space the easy stuff strategically throughout the day.

Set Goals and Rewards

Setting goals instead of chores can help you get through your day more quickly, but it is important to be careful of the rewards you set for yourself. The most successful rewards at increasing motivation are those which are tied to the task itself. For instance, cleaning out your closet can have the reward of making it easier to find your favorite shirt, or filing your paperwork can reward you with more space to spread out your current project. Tying work goals to financial rewards can make everyday feel like slaving away for a pittance but tying them to furthering your career can turn each check mark into a stepping stone to success.

End Your Workday Right

At work you are focused on emails, task lists from the boss and team dynamics, bringing those focuses into your home environment can bring the stresses with them and make the days blend together. When you change your mindset from work mode to home mode, you can better relax and enjoy those around you. Going for a walk, working out or taking a minute to play with the kids can help you make the switch easier. When you work from home, having a separate working space, changing into and out of work attire, and getting out of the house for a while can help as well.

Have a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

Your motivating and successful day actually starts the night before with your bedtime routine. Studies have shown that an hour free from screen time can help you sleep better, so use that time to update your journal, read a good book or even set a list of goals for the next day. Intensive workouts can wake you up, but relaxing stretches or long baths can give your body the signal that it is okay to be calm.

Staying motivated in and out of work can be difficult, but the right routine can be the answer. Waking up early and taking the time to relax with a nutritious breakfast, tackling the most tedious task first and even having a rewarding end to your workday can keep you motivated all day and throughout your career.