5 Ways That You Can Raise Your Home’s Value


1. Install Solar Panels

Adding a new renewable energy source is an amazing way that individuals can take action against the climate crisis. Having solar panels for home use gives you a source of renewable energy that will save you money on your ongoing expenses while also raising the value of your home. The solar industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. In the years to come, this important improvement will become highly sought after by home buyers

2. Insulate Your Home

Insulating your home is a great value-adding home improvement because it helps you save on your energy costs. When you have a thick layer of well-placed insulation in your walls and crawlspace, you can use less energy to heat and cool your home. You won’t lose all of your climate-controlled air through the exterior of your home, and you’ll be more comfortable when there are dramatic changes in the temperature outside. Spray foam is an excellent option because it can fit perfectly in tight or awkwardly shaped spaces. Also, it holds up well over time and unlike other insulation materials, unwanted pests and animal intruders can’t burrow or nest in it.

3. Replace Your Windows

Getting new windows is another fantastic way to save on your heating and cooling costs. Old and drafty windows make your home vulnerable to hot and humid weather as well as frigid and windy weather. Moreover, they leave your home susceptible to water intrusion. When poor seals compromise your windows, your home’s window sills, walls, and foundation can sustain considerable damage that can even cause mold to form. New energy efficient windows are seen as a huge plus to homebuyers, and they’ll make any home appear more well-maintained. Impact windows that stand up to hurricane force winds are a particularly appealing feature in areas that are regularly affected by severe weather. Also, impact windows may help you get some savings on your homeowner’s insurance.

4. Replace Your HVAC System

Even the most well-insulated home won’t keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer if your HVAC system isn’t performing well. A system that’s more than ten years old is likely to be nearing the end of its lifespan, and a system that’s more than fifteen years old almost certainly isn’t performing as well as it once did. A new HVAC system will be more energy efficient, and you won’t have to run it as long in order to reach your chosen temperature setting. A programmable thermostat is a great add-on to a new HVAC system because you can set your system to operate on a timer, enabling you to come home to a comfortable temperature without having to run your system all day. You can also use a smart programmable thermostat to control the temperature when you’re not there.

5. Create an Outdoor Seating Area

Adding a patio or deck to your home is a fantastic improvement that will give you and your family a lot of enjoyment. You’ll have a place to entertain guests during warm weather, and you’ll be able to enjoy spending more time outside comfortably. You can create a ground level seating area with concrete or a raised deck with concrete or wood. You’ll have a wonderful place to do some grilling, enjoy some meals with your family outside, or simply relax in the sun. Some landscaping accents surrounding a ground level seating area are an excellent way to boost your home’s curb appeal and create a look that impresses your guests.

When you’re looking to add value to your home with improvements, put your attention towards those that offer ongoing savings or make your home more functional. The addition to your home equity and the use that you’ll get out of the improvements make the investment well worth it.