5 Video Games To Play With Your Kids For Family Time


With adult-themed video games dominating the industry, it’s challenging to find suitable games to play with the whole family. During the early stages of gaming, all video games were family-friendly. Gamers of all ages enjoyed games that did not contain graphic violence or profanity. If you want to find non-violent games that are suitable for small children, you cannot go wrong with the computer and arcade games from the 1980s.

1. Solitaire

Although its name suggests it requires only one player, Solitaire continues to engage fans of all ages at home and in the office. Solitaire is a single-player computer game based on the famous solo card game. Unlike most one player games, Solitaire entertains observers who revel in suggesting where to place each card. It was developed in 1989 and became a worldwide sensation in the 1990s. Adults and children are easily addicted to solitaire. At the next game night, you can join the family in an online Solitaire tournament for a few hours of engaging, addictive fun.

2. Pac-man

Pac-Man was developed in 1979 and quickly became a sensation in arcades in the early 1980s. Initially, the game featuring a yellow puck gobbling up ghosts and fruit was named Puck-Man. After several instances of profane vandalism in the United States, the developers changed the name to Pac-Man. Merchandising became a force with the Pac-Man franchise, and soon clothing, music and cartoons promoted the yellow hero. Several sequels and variations to the game followed, but the original Pac-man continues to captivate and entertain families.

3. Tetris

A simple geometric game involving moving colorful blocks became a hit around the world in 1989. Tetris, designed by a Russian software engineer, was initially used as a testing program for a Russian computer system. Before the game was available on game consoles, thousands of gamers shared the original black and white version on disks. The Gameboy popularized Tetris, and eventually, the game became available on over 65 platforms. The incredibly addictive game is popular with gamers of all ages and remains one of the most lucrative games in history. You can play Tetris with your family on a variety of consoles, and you can compete with gamers from around the world in online tournaments.

4. Asteroids

Asteroids hit the arcade scene in 1979 and soon became successful on game consoles and computers. The game, designed in simple black and white, focuses on a small triangular spaceship that spins around and shoots asteroids. As you progress in the game, you encounter faster and more abundant asteroids. In the 1980s, long lines of eager gamers piled behind Asteroids arcade machines and anxiously awaited a chance to play. Asteroids eventually became Atari’s bestselling game of all time. Although the game is over forty years old, it continues to captivate gamers. Several versions and modifications are accessible online, and online tournaments are available for hours of family fun.

5. Super Mario Bros.

The classic tale of two Italian plumbers who race across a dangerous landscape to rescue a princess from the evil Bowser became an instant hit around the globe in the late 1980s. Mario, the hero of the tale, first appeared in the arcade hit Donkey Kong in 1981. Mario and his brother appeared in their own game called Mario Bros., but it was Super Mario Bros. that propelled the characters to blockbuster status. With numerous sequels and spinoffs, the Mario franchise continues to focus on family-friendly adventures. Your family has several Mario games to choose from, but the original Super Mario Bros. is the most played and respected entry in the series. In the last ten years, the digital game industry has eclipsed the film industry in sales and popularity. Adult-themed games dominate the field, but simple family-friendly games continue to remain relevant during turbulent times. If you enjoyed playing the previous games as a child or young adult, you would love sharing these simple games with your children.