5 Tips to Keeping The Romance Alive Post Marriage

Loretta Jane

Keeping the romance in a relationship is not something you necessarily have to buy. Many men often think this way when trying to make their wife happy. They think they need to do something huge like take her on a big trip or buy her a pony. Such lavish gestures can make your significant other happy, especially if they like ponies, but most of the time it is the little things that really matter. So if you want to keep the romance with your wife here are some tiny but mighty things that will definitely make her happy. They are also nicer to your wallet.

Find Out Her Love Language

Not every woman is impressed by gifts. Some women are a little more practical. This is why learning their love language is a great way to show you care. Some women feel loved if you help them do chores, some enjoy a little physical attention, some do enjoy nice gifts, but some also settle for nothing more than kind words. The best way to show a woman how you appreciate her is by learning the way in which she feels the most appreciated. If she loves romantic gestures then helping out around the house is not gonna do it. If she likes to be pampered than giving her a gift will not suffice unless it is to a spa. See how that works? So before you do anything iron out just what makes your significant other feel loved.

Cook a Meal for Her

You do not have to be greatest cook in the world to make your girlfriend feel special with a home-cooked meal. It is the thought that counts after all. You can impress with your culinary skills, pamper them, and provide a special experience all in one gesture. You can also set romantic lighting, put on some music, and make the evening as memorable as possible. Remember, it is the gesture that counts. So take some time to learn their favorite food and surprise them with a cooked meal.

Buy Her Little Presents

Big gifts are for special occasions but everyday little reminders that she is loved do not have to be huge. In fact, they should be small. They should also be gifts that suit who she is. Buying her a box of her favorite candy is a nice gesture. Having her favorite candy named after her at a grand unveiling in New York is something you should do on your 25th wedding anniversary. Tiny gifts can range from a keychain of her favorite pokemon, to lab created diamonds, or to a funny shirt referencing her favorite show. As long as they show you are thoughtful and come as a surprise that they will do the trick. Of course, in order for them to come as a surprise, it means you should not repeat this process every other day.

Get Close to Her Friends and family

She knows how important she is to you if you make the people around her important as well. Mainly this means having a good relationship with her friends and family. For many women respect is a love language. Having a good rapport with her close social circle is a great sign of respect. Now this can be bit tricky once you reach mother-in-law territory but there is significantly less strain on a relationship if her family likes you. So show her how important she is and learn the names of her friends. Also, show interest in her life and the lives of those close to her. It is a small gesture but means a lot in terms of a real, lasting, and working relationship.

Create Special Occasions

Every relationship has special events like that first year anniversary, or if you are really annoying the first month anniversary. Whatever it is special occasions deserve special attention. Nothing can make your girlfriend feel special more than creating unique little special occasions just for the two of you. Something that is between you and her, your own private celebration. This will make her feel very appreciated if you create your own little calendar.