5 Smart Outdoor Upgrades You Should Get This Spring


A home remodel is the best time to customize your space with smart upgrades. About a decade ago, technologies like home automation and smart lights seemed real only in science fiction movies. Today, technology has advanced, and there are many smart devices that you can use in your home. A survey by Houzz shows that smart tech is a priority by 28 percent of homeowners who are renovating their houses. Take advantage of your spring remodel to install these upgrades in your home.

1. Motion sensors

You can install motion sensors even when you are not remodeling your house, but it is a lot easier to do it during a renovation. Including sensors that detect window access, motion, flooding, broken glass, smoke, and other components is a popular security tip. You can customize it to match your home's layout. Whenever the sensor detects any of the components included in the system, it will send alerts to your phone. You could also set in a way that it turns on all lights in the house to alert the home of a possible break-in.

2. Patio USB outlets

The regular USB ports are connected, such that a breakdown of one of the ports leads to a malfunction of the rest. If you like hanging out on your patio, then you can consider having USB outlets that are not linked to the rest of your house. That way, you can charge your phone or tablet without worrying that an unsightly power brick will interrupt you. Get a USB outlet that offers 4.8 amps so that you can charge even the larger devices. Remember to confirm that it meets the expected safety standards.

3. Security cameras

Perimeter cameras and doorbell cameras are ideal outdoor small devices you ought to consider. You can also get surveillance cameras that can be accessed and monitored by your phone. That way, you can always check on your home's security when you are away or on vacation. Try camouflaging the cameras so that they are not visible to prevent tampering. Doing so will also ensure the comfort of your family and friends. You can customize the faceplate to match your home's design and color. Most units are hardwired so that you do not have to replace the batteries. Wireless options are also available if that is what you prefer.

4. Automated outdoor lights

Gone are the days when you had to turn on your outdoor lights from a wall switch. That is an old fashioned way of doing it that you should consider replacing during your next renovation project. You can now control lights from your mobile device, automated system or touch screen panel. It is possible to program the security lights to go on at a particular time in the evening. That way, people will assume that you are around even when you haven't arrived, thus preventing home invasions. During your outdoor parties, you will have an easy time switching on the lights from your phone rather than having to walk back into the house to do it.

5. Centralized streaming and entertainment devices

As you enjoy your evening from the gazebo, you do not have to start streaming a movie once you install such a device. You will receive instant entertainment thanks to Internet-based subscriptions like Hulu and Netflix. All you need is a decent internet connection to your outdoor shed or gazebo and an audience that is ready for unlimited entertainment. Cable outlets will soon be a thing of the past, and phone-based remotes will take over.

Most of the technology we have today was once a thing to enjoy only on science fiction shows. It is incredible to see that these things are now applicable and available in retail outlets. As you implement these technologies in your home, prepare for more advanced technologies soon.