5 Best Home Improvement Tips

Kevin Gardner

Looking to improve the way your home functions for your family? It’s a smart idea to research some of the best home improvement ideas. Here are five excellent home renovation options that will enhance your everyday life at home.

1. Add a Bathroom

If you have a large family, you likely feel that your home could never have enough bathrooms to accommodate the morning bathroom rush. Install a new bathroom in your home to provide another option for your family as you get ready in the morning. You don’t have to add a full bathroom with a tub – even a half bath will be a big help. You can squeeze a new bathroom into almost any small space you have available. Underused closets or pantries can accommodate a new bathroom, or you could build one in an empty corner of a large room. Adding a bathroom is a great way to keep the peace in your home by reducing those morning traffic jams.

2. Install Efficient Appliances

If you’re looking for a home improvement idea that will save you plenty of money in the long run, consider swapping out your home’s current appliances with more efficient options. Choose Energy Star rated appliances for your kitchen to reduce your energy consumption. In addition, you could install a more efficient furnace to fit your needs. To heat and cool your home efficiently, you need to discover what size furnace do I need. While these appliances can be a significant upfront cost, you’ll see a huge savings on your monthly energy bills. Your wallet, and the environment, will be better off if you make these changes.

3. Renovate Your Basement

Is your basement dark, dingy and underused? If so, it may be a great idea to finish your basement to a high standard. Start by consulting with basement finishing experts to seal your space from potential water leaks. Install insulation and drywall and lay new flooring. Be sure to install plenty of lighting to create a more bright and cheerful room. Since basements typically have low ceilings, recessed lighting is recommended for this space. If you’re lucky enough to have an especially large basement, think about creating distinct zones in the space as you go about your renovations. You could have an area dedicated to media and entertainment, a crafting area or even just an open space for your kids to play. Your family will be sure to appreciate the extra space to spread out.

4. Update Your Landscaping

As you make improvements to your home, it’s important to remember to upgrade your outdoor spaces, as well. Start by improving the appearance of your lawn. Mow the grass regularly, trim the edges to keep the lawn looking tidy and apply an environmentally friendly fertilizer to keep the grass green. Trim back bushes and trees, and plant new ones if your home could use a little extra privacy. Add bright touches of color by installing window boxes and planting colorful flowers. Keeping your landscape in excellent shape will provide a welcoming impression on all your guests and will give you a property that will stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

5. Build an Addition

Feeling a little claustrophobic in your home? Consider building an addition to increase your home’s usable square footage. Take stock of your family’s needs and plan your addition accordingly. For example, if your kids need separate bedrooms that your home just doesn’t have, think about building an addition to increase the number of bedrooms in your home. Maybe you need a quiet retreat that will help you unwind at the end of each day? If that’s the case, a master suite addition could prove very useful. Additions can be costly, but the extra space can prove invaluable.

There’s no time like the present when it comes to taking on home improvement projects. By following these tips, you’ll make the right renovations that will allow you to enjoy your home more than ever!