4 Ways Grandparents Can be More Healthy


There's something about the bond between grandchildren and grandparents, and it is so much deeper than babysitting and biscuits.

  1. In a manner, grandparents can offer a feeling of support and security which helps children.

A study from the University of Oxford found kids that are near their grandparents have fewer behavioral and emotional issues, and are much better able to deal with traumatic life events, like a divorce or bullying in school.

A 2014 study out of Boston College linked close emotional relationships between grandparents and adult grandchildren to lower rates of depression—for both the elderly and their adult grandkids.

For the grandparents, having a close relationship to an adult grandchild exposes them to new ideas, and the adult grandchildren benefit from the life experience and advice they get from a grandparent, the Boston Globe reports.

  1. Additional research indicates that using an intergenerational identity, or even an understanding of someone's family and where they fit inside it, may make children more resilient and allow them to feel more in charge of their own lives, even if the entire world outside their family looks out of control. Kids are more advanced than grandparents, they can help them and support them with the big TV, smart home security system, and much more.

  2. Since Bruce Feiler notes from his novel, The Secrets of Happy Families: The Way to Boost Your Disposition, Rethink Family Dinner, Fight Smart, Go Out and Play, and a great deal more , psychologists studying resilience in children following the September 11 terrorist attacks discovered individuals who understood much about their loved were much able to deal with anxiety.

Knowing their grandma came to America, or that which shop their own papa bagged markets in as a teen can help a child realize that they're a part of something larger than themselves.Knowing that, and understanding that preceding generations survived their particular hard times, helps children learn how to deal and bounce back in their adversity.

  1. The children become more resilient, and grandparents become fitter: Research indicates grandparents who see their grandchildren include an average of five years for their lives. An connection is in fact a win-win.