3 Natural Ways to Help Your Dog Stay Healthy

Loretta Jane

Every dog owner wants for their dog to live the happiest and healthiest life possible. In addition to wanting your dog to have good overall nutrition, it’s important that you respond to your pet’s medical needs effectively if he or she develops a health condition or appears to experience physical changes associated with age. Here are three ways that you can help your dog enjoy good health safely and naturally.

1. Treat Your Dog’s Inflammation Naturally

Just like people, many dogs begin to have problems with inflammation and mobility as they age. The cartilage in joints wears down, and muscle and bone health aren’t as strong as they once were. It can be concerning for a dog owner to see his or her furry family member start to move slower. Joint pain caused by inflammation can hinder your pet’s quality of health, and it tends to be a progressive problem. Once pain starts slowing a dog down and causing him or her to be less physically active, joint deterioration and inflammation may worsen.

A moderate level of physical activity can help your dog maintain good joint function, but you can’t expect your dog to be active if he or she is uncomfortable. Natural hemp oil for dogs is a fantastic way to treat inflammation naturally. It will diminish neurotransmitter activity between pain receptors, allowing your dog to be active and also relax more comfortably. CBD oil generally doesn’t tend to carry any unwanted side effects. Once you start using this type of supplement, you may notice that your dog appears to have a little more energy and seem more engaged. The appropriate dose may depend on the size of your dog, so be sure to read the instructions carefully.

2. Feed Your Dog Natural or Organic Food

A lot of the most popular brands of dog food that you’ll find on supermarket shelves doesn’t offer optimal nutritional content, and its ingredients are highly processed. Poorly made food can affect your dog’s digestive activity, joint and muscle health, and even his or her skin and coat. Moreover, many dog foods contain unhealthy additives. They also have artificial flavoring that’s intended to mask the actual taste of a food’s primary ingredients. However, dogs have a very acute sense of smell, so it’s not reasonable for dog food manufacturers to expect to be able to fool them. Dogs love mealtimes, but forcing your dog to eat a substandard quality of food will make mealtime far less enjoyable and far less healthy. Switching to a dog food that’s made of all natural or organic ingredients is the healthiest way to give dogs the nutritional content that they need to feel their best. They’ll have improved digestion and better overall health when they eat food that’s made from high quality ingredients. Moreover, you may notice that your dog becomes a little more enthusiastic about his or her dinner menu when you switch to a food that’s made better.

3. Help Your Dog Maintain Good Oral Health

Unfortunately, dogs’ oral health often doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. However, dogs are very susceptible to gum disease, plaque and tartar buildup, and tooth decay. It’s good to get your dog into the habit of brushing as early as possible in life. Regular brushing can spare your dog from uncomfortable problems and help you avoid costly dental work such as tooth extractions. Natural dental treats are another great way to keep your dog’s teeth clean. They have a porous surface that removes tartar buildup from teeth and even below the gumline. Dogs don’t know that you’re taking care of their oral health when you give them dental treats; they’ll just be excited about getting a treat!

Your dog relies on you for everything and thinks that you’re the greatest person in the world. Show your love by helping your dog stay healthy naturally so that he or she can enjoy a great quality of life for years to come.