3 Key Ways to Beautify Your Yard This Summer


Dream of having a beautiful yard that will make your friends and neighbors jealous? Luckily, by putting in a little extra effort, you can truly transform the appearance of your yard, and your property as a whole. Here are three tips to follow this summer to help you beautify your yard.

1. Improve Your Lawn

A lawn often forms one of the central parts of a landscape and, in many cases, takes up the largest portion of the area. If the lawn is unkempt or uninspiring, it can make the rest of the landscape look less than impressive. Go beyond basic lawn care, like mowing and fertilizing, and provide your lawn with some extra attention. Start by trimming. Even if your lawn is growing well, it will still look untidy if the edges are left uncut, or if they are uneven. Once lawn edges start to collapse, it’s better to recut them than to try to neaten them up. Even on neat lawns, it’s worth doing this at least once or twice each year. Use a half-moon edger to cut neat edges. It’s also helpful to use a board to guide you when you’re cutting the edge. This will ensure that you make a straight edge, and it will also prevent you from crushing the edge when you step down to make the cut.

You’ll also need to aerate your lawn regularly to allow for proper drainage. It loosens compacted soil, giving your yard the channels it needs to allow for water runoff and gradual absorption. For example, if you live in Denver, instead of purchasing and lugging around a heavy aeration tool, consider hiring some Denver aeration services so they can take care of this job for you. Going to the experts for Aeration helps your yard properly drain water, allowing your grass to breathe and grow vigorously. You’ll soon have that lush, green carpet that is the end goal of great lawn care!

2. Add Variety

One of the best qualities of being out in nature is that you’re surrounded by variety. Luckily, it’s easy to add diversity to your garden by planting a variety of flowers. It’s even more effective to diversify the structure of your landscape by adding some dimension. One way to do this is to think like an architect, separating your yard into distinct zones by using large hedges or installing areas of trellis. These will act as walls to divide your yard, giving you the opportunity to create landscape areas that can follow a particular theme of your choice.

Think about adding some height to your garden. Plant climbing plants throughout your yard to let the eye travel upward, giving your yard some extra drama. You can create simple structures to propagate your climbing plants, or use existing items in your yard like tree trunks, light posts or even walls to support the growth of the plants. It will take some time for the climbers to get established, but once they’ve reached maturity, they’ll become a colorful focal point for your yard.

3. Create a Water Feature

Make your yard instantly distinctive by creating a water feature on your property. If you have a relatively small yard, even a small water feature like a bubbling fountain can add beauty and a hint of relaxation to your landscape. If you have a little extra space, consider creating a pond in your yard. You can dig a small pond yourself, then install a quality plastic liner to keep water in place. Install an appropriate aquatic weed control device to keep the water from becoming stagnant. To keep this area safe, create a border by using rocks or install netting over the pond. This will also catch falling leaves and prevent them from entering the pond, reducing the need for maintenance.

With a little extra effort, you’ll turn your yard into an impressive landscape that will set your property apart. Follow these tips, and put in the effort, and you’ll see just how simple it is to turn your yard into the best on the block!