3 Great Improvements and Installations To Consider for Your Home


Feeling like your home isn’t quite working as well as it should for you and your family? Home improvements can be time-consuming and expensive, and that’s why it’s important to be selective with the projects you undertake. Here are three recommended home installations and improvements that will make your home more functional and attractive.

1. Enhance Your Lawn

Improving your home’s landscaping will help you and your family better enjoy your outdoor space. By investing some extra time in your lawn, you can give your family that lush, green outdoor “carpet” that lays the foundation for plenty of fun outdoor activities. Aside from regular mowing and edge trimming, aerate the lawn at least once in the summer to provide grass with the proper drainage channels that it needs to thrive. If your lawn is patchy with areas that just can’t seem to fill in, consider sowing new grass seed in these areas. Make sure to be liberal as you sow the seeds, since thin grass becomes unhealthy in the long run. If you want the instant gratification of a beautiful, green lawn, lay sod instead. Summer, early autumn or early spring are the best times of year to lay sod. Once installed, brush a sandy top dressing into any gaps in the sod. Not only will your yard look more attractive, it’ll be ready for hours of outdoor play and enjoyment for the entire family.

2. Add Outdoor Entertainment

Luckily, there are some simple and cost-effective ways to increase the fun you have in your backyard. Consider some of the outdoor activities that everyone in the family enjoys and find ways to integrate them into your yard. For example, who doesn’t love relaxing by the fire with the company of family and friends? You can build a cozy fire pit in your backyard in an afternoon. Simply purchase concrete pavers, a metal ring and some gravel from your local hardware store. Place the ring on a flat, level and fire-proof surface like a cleared area of turf. Surround the ring with the concrete pavers and finally line the bottom of the interior with the gravel. You’ll have a functional and safe fire pit that you can enjoy that very night!

Another great entertainment option to consider is to create outdoor games. Purchase concrete pavers in two different colors, then set them on a flat area of grass to create a life-sized checkerboard. If your family loves to golf, set up your own mini golf course or personal putting green. Find a good spot for your new green and remove the natural turf, replacing it with artificial turf to give you the feel of that real golf course experience.

3. Upgrade Your Appliances

While you’re making changes to enhance the form and function of your home, don’t forget to address the elements that make a house “run” – the appliances. Appliances make everyday life easier in your home – that is, if they are in perfect, working condition. It only makes sense that upgrading key appliances will enhance your family’s everyday life at home. Quality appliances can be costly, but the initial investment pays for itself as the appliances are less likely to wear out and require less energy to run. Take your water heater, for example. This is a home appliance that sees use each and every day, and this constant use is reflected in your monthly energy bills. A modern water heater needs to be both durable and efficient. For example if you live in California, consult a professional water heater company in North Hills to give you the peace of mind that your investment will be worthwhile. Investing in appliances like a water heater will ensure that your family stays comfortable in your home.

With the right upgrades, you’ll unlock the true potential of your interior and exterior spaces. By following these tips and making these renovations, your house will feel like a true home for every member of the family.