10 Great Improvement Projects That Will Boost Your Home's Beauty and Value

Loretta Jane

Wondering how you can choose the most practical home improvement projects? Whether you’re planning to sell or you just want to be more comfortable in your everyday life, the right home improvements can transform your home inside and out. Here are ten great renovation ideas that will boost your home’s value.

1. Install a Swimming Pool

No one can resist the allure of a gorgeous, private swimming pool. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to add this great feature to your own backyard. Consult with a reputable Utah pool builder to bring your plans to life and incorporate a value-adding in-ground swimming pool into your private outdoor space. In-ground pools add the most value to your home, since they are built to last and can include custom features that allow for infinite hours of relaxation and play.

2. Add a Patio

These days, homeowners are looking for an outdoor space that’s ideal for rest and relaxation. To create an outdoor lounge area, you need a stable foundation upon which to put all the furniture and accessories you’ll need. Install a stone patio yourself or enlist the help of a professional paving company. Since homeowners put a high priority on indoor-outdoor living, this is a feature that will improve your home’s bottom line.

3. Replace Your Garage Door

Garage doors have come a long way in recent years in terms of both quality and style, which is just one reason why replacing your current door is a smart move. Choose a door that goes well with the overall look and feel of your home but be sure to upgrade to solid metal hinges and handles to give your new door an elegant finishing touch.

4. Rejuvenate Your Front Door

Giving your front door a fresh update boosts a home’s curb appeal, which correlates directly to a home’s value. You can replace your front door completely if it’s in poor condition or give your current door a new look with a coat of paint or stain, whichever is appropriate for the material of your door.

5. Add Rock Veneer

This renovation project is a little bit of a surprise, but the minor addition of rock veneer to your home’s façade can truly improve its appearance, as well as the value of your home overall. If you’re handy, this is a project that you can do yourself with pre-cut veneer. Apply the veneer around your front door and garage door for maximum visual effect.

6. Add a Bathroom

Bathrooms are the most used rooms in a home, and it always seems as if you can never have enough of them. Adding an extra bathroom to your home really pays off in the long run. The most cost-effective way to do this is by finding unused space, such as a closet, pantry or empty corner of a large room. Even small spaces like this can be transformed into a fully functioning bathroom. Hire a professional plumber and contractor for this project – for best return on investment, you’ll want this project done to a very high standard.