How to Turn Negative Situations into Funny Situations

Veronica B.

Where Do Emotions Come From?

The great business of life is to eliminate negative emotions. We have to answer the question to solve this:

Almost all negative emotions depend on blaming someone or something else for situations that happen in their life. The issue here then, is that people hold on to all those negative emotions, even if they can't alter the outcome and are angry about it.

The Key To Eliminating Negative Emotions

Take responsibility for yourself, your responses and your own situation.

You can't take responsibility for your life, your situation, and your responses and be negative at exactly the exact same time. Your mind can only focus on one thought at a time, negative or positive.

So anytime you feel negative say to yourself over and over

"I am responsible. "

Phrases such as this are called positive affirmations. They're one of the most effective tools for reprogramming your thoughts.

In every circumstance, whether it involves you or not, you're always at least partially responsible for what happened.

You got yourself into the circumstance, you remained in the circumstance, you did or said certain things from the situation, so you're not completely innocent.

Here is another possibility: Let us say you had nothing to do with the negative situation, maybe you weren't involved at all. You're still responsible for how you react to it.

This is what's known as your response-ability' -- your ability to react in a positive manner. And again, to react in a positive manner, you just repeat to yourself"I'm responsible. "

You can use this technique in any circumstance, whether you're fighting to stay positive while cold calling prospects or starting to doubt your ability to learn how to write a book. By focusing on your response and repeating an affirmation, you're providing your mind with a positive thought which will keep you motivated, confident, and joyful .

You Have Complete Control

The truth is nobody can make you feel negative, besides you. Just like you have complete control watching over your wireless security cameras, you have control over yourself! If you believe about things that make you feel angry or depressed, you are likely to feel negative. If you believe about things that make you happy and excited about your life, you'll feel confident.

When you learn how to harness the power of positive thinking you will have the ability to control your emotions in any circumstance.

The main thing to remember about negative feelings is this: you have total control over how you feel, how you react to any situation and the things you consider at any moment of the day.

Exercise your ability to respond favorably, take responsibility for your role in negative situations, and permit yourself to let go of negative emotions that might be trapped inside of you.

My question today is:

"Which recent unfavorable situation in your life can you become a positive?"

Part of turning negative situations into positive ones has to do with your degree of self-confidence. Learn what your current level of self-confidence is by clicking the button below to take my self-confidence assessment.