Funny Experiences Growing up in a Blended Family


I was raised in a blended family. Fortunately, all of the step-kids and my siblings were relatively close in age, so there were not that many problems with"toys" belonging to each. It isn't easy, we had siblings but that is pretty normal in any household. Plus it was hilarious that 4 of us kids share the very same names, so we must sew labels on clothing so we know that Bill and which Matt an article of clothing belongs to, because all 4 of them are all relatively the same height and weight also, the only real difference is the ages.

Although we had our differences we found comfort in the fact that we were all going through the same experiences, such as having divorced parents, living in multiple house's, and other experiences that divorced siblings and step siblings go through. It was fun living under the same roof and we found that there were many fun things to do with each other and experience with each other. We would always mess with each other through our doorbell camera, we would always find ways to have fun and enjoy each others company.