Jasmine Williams

Just yesterday my nearly 6-year-old daughter said ,"Mom, this orange juice does not taste great after drinking water." I will be sure until I have a glass, not to drink any bath water. Wha??!

When my daughter was 4, she walked out on a chilly evening, took a few breaths, and came back and said,"Mother!

This exact same daughter, when she was 4 said,"Mommy- nobody ever tucks you in at night. I wish to tuck you in." I said,"Oh, that is so sweet of you! Allow me to wash my face and brush my teeth and then you can tuck me " Despite your make-up off. They are not that ugly!" Sweeter words haven't been spoken to me.

Another daughter came upstairs yelling when she was 4 and said to me,"Mom, dad just struck me in the face and he would not let me drink water!" This seemed somewhat out of character so I asked for his side of the story. He said he thought she'd poured a liquid inside her cup so he knocked on her face and accidentally knocked it from her hand before she could take a drink. I said,"Sweetie, daddy was not trying to hurt you. He had been trying to save your life," to which she cried back quite dramatically,"I DON'T HAVE A LIFE!!"

One of my cousins came to visit when my daughter was . She had dyed her hair platinum blond. I said,"Would you provide your cousin a hug sweetie?" I asked her why not and she said,"Because I do not like her hair." I said,"Why don't you enjoy her hair?" She responded,"Because it is full of contention and it does not have sufficient gratitude." ... Okay?

Once I had my baby, allow them to play at her house to give me a break and my sister offered to pick up my girls from school one day. It'll be nice for my mother to have a rest from us mad heads to unwind or eat. " It's always best to have an opportunity to eat.

I requested my daughter. First of all I asked her,"Do you know what a crow is?" I'll only be a magpie." Naturally...

My 7-year-old daughter came up to me and said,"Mother, I composed a song I wish to sing to you. It is called'The Cricket.' Yeah... I did not see that one coming. My guess is that he was disturbing the peace.

My husband asked our women to do the dishes. He left me to be the enforcer and went upstairs to work on the home security systems project he had. My 7-year-old was not being very helpful and I explained to her,"Honey, will you please just clear the counter?" To which she responded,"Just because it's Mother's Day does not mean it is all about YOU!! " I will have to keep in mind that logic on her birthday.

We were driving in the car and the song "Call Me Maybe" came on. My 5-year-old daughter explained," It is not really difficult to look over your baby, is it mother? (after thinking for a moment ) Well, perhaps it is for her."

My then 4-year-old daughter responded,"Yay! Are we going to Little Sneezers?"