The Pros and Cons of Filing For Child Support


Being a lone parent having custody of the children can be stressful when it comes to finances. It usually means that every day one has to work to make meets end. If the situation occurred after a divorce and custody were granted to one part only, child support for the custodian releases this pressure and helps reduce child poverty.

If one of the parts is simply adamant that he or she does not want to financially support his or her own children, there are two ways of going at this. One is through private mediation, meaning that both parts agree, out of court and through a private mediator, how will the child support take place. The opposite one is bringing the case to court. This one is usually used when both parties cannot come to an amicable agreement.

Pros of Filing Child Support in Court

If you were able to settle an agreement away from court, kudos to you as parents. But this is not a panacea as some issues might arise. Sometimes it is best to take things to court, for several reasons. One of them is making the part out of custody accountable and liable.

The following are the pros of filing child support through court mediation:

  • Through conciliation services, getting court mediation can actually be quick.
  • The process can be easy and informal, usually at an office in court or at someone else's office. Of course, this will depend on the extent of the case.
  • Financial support for your child is ensured. If the other part misses a payment or several, the Law can proceed to withhold funds from his or her paycheck or move to seize assets.
  • Parents are obliged to support their child. This is one responsibility that no parent should shirk.
  • Child support is a parental obligation. However, for some reason, some parents seem to not see it that way, so this duty is made concrete by the Law.

Cons of Filing Child Support in Court

  • Courts are not usually very supportive whenever a disagreement arises. Since they are paid little or not at all, if court mediators see a point of no agreement, they will simply end their mediation immediately.
  • You usually do not know who the mediator is until you get to court. If you are lucky you will get someone who is invested in your case. If not, you might end up with someone who just wants to boost their professional profile.
  • Child support trials have a negative effect on the couple. If the relationship between the two was already rocky, this might make it worse. Some may be afraid that this might have a negative effect on their children.
  • It can be expensive. In cases that get pretty contentious, you might need to hire an attorney and as we all know they are not cheap.
  • Having to go to court can be not only stressful but expensive.

The most important aspect of child support should be what is best for the child. Whatever your decision has to be, always consider their emotional well-being of your child.

Supporting children financially is an obligation that parents acquire the moment they decide to have a child.

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For some people, it truly is the only possible way out of a dire financial situation.


yeah it's right,For some people, it truly is the only possible way out of a dire financial situation.