Simple Ways Moms Can Help Themselves After Divorce


Divorce can be hard for anybody but it can be especially hard for moms. Not only are they often left to pick up the pieces emotionally they also need to tend to their kids physically and even financially. Below are a few ways that moms can help support themselves after divorce both financially and mentally.

Lean On Friends And Family

One of the best things you can do as a mom after a divorce is lean on your friends and family. Not only can they offer a helping hand they may also provide some comforting words and an ear to listen. While it is never a good idea to take advantage of their help if they offer to babysit or even help cook or clean accept their offer and know you are doing it for the benefit of your kids and yourself.

Be Social

Although it may seem like the worst time to be social it is actually the best time. Not only does being social helps keep your mind off of things but it also may give you a new perspective on things. Being social does not mean having to go out to a bar or club it can simply mean inviting over a few girlfriends and watching a movie or even taking a walk in the park with a friend. For more ways on how to be social after divorce visit the web for more help.


One of the best ways to make a little extra cash as a newly divorced mom is to offer to babysit. Not only can you make a little bit of extra money but your kids will also have some friends to play with. It may even be easier to find a babysitting job as a mom as your kids may have friends or loved ones who need watching plus you already have plenty of experience.


Baking is one of the best jobs you can take on as a newly divorced mom since it can be done right in the convenience of your own home. Baking is a good way to make extra money as well as a good way to spend some quality time with yourself or your kids who can help out. Try baking some treats for the local farmers market or even to take along to one of your children's sports activities.

Become Certified

Another great way to make some money as a divorced mother is to become certified in a certain field. Not only is it pretty common nowadays to get certified online some sites even help you find a job after becoming certified and completing all training courses. One of the more common things women are turning to nowadays is online paralegal certificate courses which allows them to train to become a paralegal. A paralegal not only makes a good income but they also have the opportunity to move on to even bigger things.

Part Time Work

As a divorced mom it can be hard to step back into the work field if you have stepped away, especially for an extended amount of time. Although there are many different ways to help calm those nerves it is important to remember that you are doing everything for the benefit of your children. Not only will working a part-time job to afford extra income but it also gives mom's a sense of peace and a feeling that they are doing something for themselves and their family. Some great part time jobs for busy moms especially those that have kids in school are bank tellers, dental assistants, daycare assistants, teacher's aides and a variety of other jobs that offer reasonable work hours.

These are just a few of the things that divorced moms can do to help financially and mentally take care of themselves during and after a divorce. Although it may seem like a long and overwhelming process always remember to take care of yourself first so you can be the best mom you can be.