How To Move On After A Divorce

Loretta Jane

Moving On Isn’t So Hard

Everyone loves the thought of getting married and marriage is a beautiful thing but sometimes they just don’t seem to quite work out and it leads couples to decide on getting a divorce. Divorce is not an easy thing to go through, this is actually your real life and you thought that you were going to spend the rest of it with this person that you are now divorcing. Even though this may be a sticky point in your life there is light and hope on the other side and you can move on from this. Life does not stop because you got a divorce and you have the power to be strong and keep living. You can move on from a divorce by first grieving about it, starting a new hobby, and being honest about your feelings. Life is not over after going through a divorce so maybe you could consider getting a semicolon tattoo instead of a period tattoo.

Just Let It Out

Sure, you will not be all happy and jolly at that fact that you are actually getting a divorce but unfortunately you are here getting one and there’s no need to be in denial about the situation because it’s here and you have to make the best of it. In some cases some people may actually be happy that they are getting a divorce but I’ll say eight out of ten are probably not so happy that this unfortunate circumstance as arrived. The first thing you need to do in order to move on from this is accept it. It’s a reason that you have gotten to this point and for whatever reason that is, it’s obvious not a good one so you should just pick up your broken pieces and move on right? It sounds good but it’s much easier said than done. This is why you must allow yourself to feel sad and grieve my friend. You have to allow these emotions to come through and play itself out because if not you will be stuck and bitter and never fully heal and this is not something that you want to do. Whatever it takes and whatever you need to do such as cry, yell or scream get it out and let it be and once you hit acceptance and properly grieve you on clearly on the road to success in moving on from a divorce.

Get A New Hobby

Now that you will have extra time on your hands without having to worry about a spouse you can now find time to do some of those things that you may not could have done had you still been married. Finding a new hobby or even doing one that lives from the past is one of the key ways to get over a divorce because doing a hobby alone is so self soothing and allows you to clear your mind and free yourself of distraction and negative feelings. You want to find or do something that gets those creative juices flowing and allows for you to be yourself and get back to your core again. This will take your mind off of the divorce and even help you move on feeling more confident and comfortable with the decision, also in making the decision you were able to find your passion. This will help you in moving on and being happy.

You Have to Keep Moving Forward

It’s very important to grieve the situation and accept it and be honest with yourself. I know it may be hard and life changing but there are many different ways and outlets that you have to let it out. There’s so many different ways to reach out for help if you feel as if you are not able to go through it alone. One of those ways is by seeking counseling. I know you don’t feel as if anything is wrong with you and that you don’t need counseling but I promise you that it could be the very thing that helps you and allows you to get over and move on from the divorce. It’s something soothing about talking to someone you don't know and they also don't fully know you either and you can just open up and let out all of your true feelings without and judgements. This is an excellent way to get out all of those thoughts on the divorce and leave them there and not have it all bottle up which allows you to move on from the divorce. So many people keep things bottled up for so long and are not able to forgive because they have never talked to someone to let them know how they feel and those thoughts can take over.

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Nora Dollson
Nora Dollson

Very good article! Thank you for that! This is very relevant for me now, since we only recently filed for divorce through And I'm trying to recover from this. I hope I can handle it.