How to Find Your Perfect Relationship


No two relationships are the same. Your perfect relationship may not be the same as everyone else’s. There are ways, however, you can make sure that you find yourself in a relationship that matches you.

Stop Looking for Perfect

Perfect doesn’t exist. Sure, it might seem like being in the perfect relationship with the perfect person would be relationship goals. Yet, the perfect person does not exist. Every person, even you, have parts of yourself that you need to work on. When you care about someone, you are bound to argue once in a while. You will have disagreements. The important thing is to know when it is a healthy argument and when it is becoming toxic. Your partner is not going to be everything that you ever dreamed of. When you’re with the right person though, you’ll be able to look past that. In fact, you may find those flaws to be more endearing after you get to know them.

The point is that you will never find the right person if you are always looking for perfection. If you discredit someone before you get to know them, based on their tastes, appearance or even their career, then you may miss out on the best person for you.

Mind Your Life Goals

Your goals matter. There are things that you should never give up in a relationship. One of those things is your dreams and goals. Do not center your dreams around one person. The two of you should be able to bring your goals into a relationship and the two of you should have the ability to share in each other’s success. When you succeed at one of your goals, you can expect the support from your partner and likewise, you should uphold the value of your loved one’s goals. Your dreams are an important part of you and when you let those go, you let a part of yourself go.

Over time, you may feel dissatisfied with your relationship. You want a relationship that makes you feel good about yourself, rather than a relationship that makes you feel like you’ve given too much up. The road to happiness is not achievable through giving up on your hopes and dreams.

Open Yourself Up to New Possibilities

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle when looking for the right partner. In some cases, it may be because you aren’t letting yourself open up to new people. You have to give people a chance. Maybe you’re looking for someone who’s interests align fully with yours or maybe you’re judging someone too quickly before you get a chance to know them. If someone crosses paths with you, don’t be quick to say that you are incompatible. People may surprise you and sometimes the best relationships are with the people who you wouldn’t expect.

Let Your Partner Be Him or Herself

The best relationships aren’t made up of two partners pretending to be something that they aren’t. If your partner cannot be his or herself, how can you get to know each other? Just as you should feel open to be who you are, your partner should feel comfortable in your presence. He or she shouldn’t have reservations about sharing his or her thoughts, feelings or interests with you. Self-authenticity is an example of real trust.

Honor who your partner is and who he or she wants to be and you’ll have it returned to you. The last thing that you want is for your partner to build walls that keep you out. Don’t be fake with your partner and never make him or her feel like he or she has to pretend for you.

Searching for the perfect relationship can be trial and error. If you are looking for a relationship that meets all of your goals, then follow these tips. When you have a relationship where you and your partner can be yourselves and where you can still follow your dreams, you may have the perfect relationship.