Jasmine Williams

There was a history test my dad was giving at the community college, four students walked in halfway. "Sorry," they said, "We had a flat tire." An understanding man, daddy said that if they could all answer only one question correctly, he would give them each an "A" for the exam. They agreed. So daddy handed each one a piece of paper, placed them in four separate corners and said, "Write down what tire was flat."

The family was viewing slides that were old and one flashed on the screen that caught everybody's attention. My father, wearing his favourite golf shirt, held me . "There is my prize possession," my dad said. Touched, I smiled at him as he continued,"I wonder what happened to this golf shirt?"

On a hot day I walked past a mini golf course and watched a dad following three children from hole to hole. I shouted. "I am," said one child. "No, me," yelled the third. Sweat dripping down his face, the daddy gasped,"Their mother is."

My uncle was driving to a hockey game with his two sons when their car struck a duck. After absorbing the shock of what just occurred, Uncle Mike broke the silence with,"Well, there's a bird that didn't fulfill his name."

With his son, I saw a guy shopping in our neighborhood grocery store's frozen-foods department.

After hearing a tornado warning, our family sheltered in the basement. My husband told everyone to stay put while he got his mobile phone from the car. He didn't go back so I went searching for him. Once I heard our home security systems phone machine click on, I was upstairs calling his name. "Hi," a voice said. "This is Dad. I am locked out of the house."

He called mom to pick him up in her car, when my dad ran out of petrol. They returned to his car, filled a can, and went to a gas station. After a couple of minutes, he got into her car. "We need to go back to the gas station," he said. "One gallon wasn't enough?" mom asked. "It would have been if I'd put it in the correct car."