Five Reasons Why Kids Need Their Dads


Turn on the news and you will see the effects of fathers abandoning the home. It is an epidemic in our 21st century culture. Sure, the responsibility of fatherhood is heavy but the cost of shirking that wonderful responsibility is far heavier. Kids need their dad. As much as a mom may try to fill that void, there is no denying the unbalanced feeling of a single parent home. So yes, kids need their dad. Fathers play a crucial role in the emotional, spiritual, physical, and relational development of their children. Listed below are five specific reasons why kids need their dad.


One reason kids need their dad is protection. The size, strength, and inward inclination to protect children from sexual predators is unlike any other. Dads seem to have an inner compass that helps them locate potential danger. Studies have shown that fatherless daughters are at a much higher risk for teen pregnancy, among other things. Dad has the uncanny ability of equipping his kids to navigate the uncertain waters of peer and adult interaction.

Ideal Manhood

As a father, you are the first man your daughter and son will know. In many ways dads shape their kids understanding of masculinity. For his daughter, daddy will be the standard for true manhood. How dad loves his daughter will be crucial in how the daughter receives love and whether or not she carries around insecurities into the teenage years. For the son, dad also embodies true masculinity. What boy can’t remember seeing his dad as the ultimate superhero that leaps buildings with a single bound? Dad, in his normal day-to-day life, sets the standard of manhood with both his toughness and tenderness.

Fun and Play

Physical touch is vital for the emotional and relational development of children. Fun and playful interaction with dad, especially in affectionate ways, work to strengthen these fundamental areas. Dads are essential in this task. From wrestling on the floor to snuggling on the sofa, dad makes a crater sized impact in the life of his kids. This encourages youthful silliness and play in children, which promotes health and happiness.


Even though children do not always recognize this trait, good dads are loaded with wisdom. Dads have experienced life in a way their kids will only one day understand and because of this they have the incredible ability of discerning what is best for their kids. They can help their children choose athletic pursuits, close friends, and even the person they will marry. Good fathers instill understanding, prudence and wisdom in their children. Dad helps them discern right and wrong. Moreover, dads should strive to be a visible representation of all that is right in the world.

A Loving Husband

Finally, and most importantly, kids need their dad to teach them to love. He does this best by loving mommy well. Children need to see the love, affection and sacrifice of daddy for mommy. How else will sons and daughters understand how to love their future spouse rightly? Kids learn healthy conflict resolution and respect from watching mommy and daddy interact each day.

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Good article.Fathers must realize that children need their assistance not just in school exercises. Every facet of a kid's life needs to be monitored by their guardians.